What We Do

Economic Empowerment

It’s a vicious cycle. Overwhelming poverty exacerbates Africa’s most pressing problems – massive unemployment, HIV/AIDS, conflict, lack of health care, clean water and sanitation. These problems in turn lead to even more poverty. ACBF works on empowerment projects that attack and eradicate poverty from the root.

Global Health

Global health practitioners have expanded the scope of how we view delivery of health services. It is now recognized that health care is the purview of each and every one of us – not just medical and health workers.


ACBF prioritizes education —especially for women and youths in the remote, rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa. Educating women and girls in particular, improves the well-being of entire communities, this is particularly true in areas of the world where child marriage, prostitution and early pregnancy can appear to be the only viable alternatives.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

One in four children in Africa has limited or no access to safe water and sanitation facilities. Until this basic need is met, our efforts to help communities build economic infrastructures and education facilities is incomplete.


The Food Hub consists of four components: Food Production, Food Preparation and Value- addition, Food Distribution, and Food Waste Management. This close-loop system allows communities to become more sustainable in yielding renewable energy; water for drinking, sanitation, and hygiene; and irrigation for nutrient dense food production. The system will also be utilized as a center to train the next generation of entrepreneurial farmers that are economically profitable, socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

Solar Power Training Academy

Bridge Solar Academy Courses are designed for anyone interested in current and future energy technologies. Our highly experienced instructors gear course content to all audiences, from those with no experience in the field to skilled Veterans, Contractors, Architects, Students, College Grades, Sales Personal, Trades Persons, Engineers, Technologists, Teachers, Scouts, Home Makers.