About Us

The Journey

Established in 2002 as a non-governmental organization, the African Community Bridge Foundation (ACBF) is an African- and woman-led organization. We work in sub- Sahara Africa with the least educated, most socially and economically underprivileged youth and adults. We aim to increase their incomes and help them become productive, employable or self-employed members of their communities.

As Africans, we have a cultural imperative to find projects and implementing partners that will invest in our communities as well as our people by prioritizing local technical assistance and democratic governance. ACBF believes that:

  1. Generational growth of African countries can be achieved through the building of internal capacity and local expertise in all aspects of development (i.e. design, implementation, monitoring, and strategic evaluation)
  2. We can eradicate a culture of dependency through the increase of local involvement from project inception to completion, with capacity development along the way
  3. Training of local people is an imperative in order to achieve their personal goals and the goals of their leaders
  4. Despite the best intentions and generous support of development agencies, there has been only marginal growth of key initiatives over many years
  5. External technical assistance is not sustainable without the key element of local capacity building


We envision a peaceful Africa in which every person is empowered with the means to become productive members of their communities. We advance our mission by implementing projects that focus on agriculture, education, economic empowerment, health, hygiene and access to clean, potable water.


Our mission is to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa


The African Community Bridge Foundation (ACBF) is an African- and woman-led organization. ACBF was formed in 2002 reflecting the founders’ desires to bring an African perspective to aid and development projects in Africa. Focusing on Agriculture, Education, Economic Empowerment, Solar Power Training, Health, Hygiene and Access to Safe Water, ACBF is fulfilling its mission one life and one community at a time.

ACBF started small and has grown continuously since its inception. Its’ President, Mrs. Oge Nwosu leads a team of professionals with the expertise and education to help lift African youth from poverty and hopelessness to a condition where they can be productive members of their communities. We have expanded by building an affiliate network of hundreds of community-based NGOs in Nigeria’s six geo-political zones and throughout sub-Saharan Africa. For our affiliates, ACBF provides a leadership and support model and ‘best practice’ training for smaller NGOs.

Our programs create the viable communities of tomorrow through effective and actionable skills training. ACBF programs span everything from basic business skills to modern, sustainable farming techniques.


ACBF has a commitment to the highest possible levels of accountability and transparency. We have built a foundation that permits grantors, grantees and recipients to trust that ACBF will always act with responsibility to their needs.

As part of the commitment to accountability and transparency, we have adopted a series of best practices designed to ensure that all members of the ACBF team share our values. All team members, volunteers and other partners with whom we work, sign a commitment to the ACBF Code of Conduct.

ACBF is duly registered and certified by the Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering (SCUML) in accordance with the provision Section 5 (1)(a) and (4) of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act, 2011.